Water Heater Repair Services

A hot water system is among the most important systems in a home because it ensures you will always have hot water when you need it. This system can develop faults due to wear and tear or sometimes due to other external conditions, such as poor water quality. When this useful system fails, it could lead to a shortage of hot water supply, thus making it hard for you to carry out some of the activities that depend on the availability of hot water.

Breakdowns might also lead to dangerous situations such as the risk of scalding if the water heater system produces overheated water. All Pro Water Heaters are experts at repairing water heaters and fixing other electric systems in Southwest Florida.

All Pro Water Heaters

All Pro Water Heaters offers their water heater services to Southwest Florida residents as well as the residents of the surrounding areas. Any client in need of water heater repair or water heater replacement in the following areas can get in touch with their customer representatives to enjoy their services:

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Water Heater Repair Services

Here are some of the most common water heater problems that residents of Southwest Florida encounter and a review of how they can be handled.

No Hot Water

This is one of the more advanced water heating system problems. If the system does not produce hot water, it means that the electric heating element is not heating the water. The problem could be caused by the tripping off of a circuit breaker or failure of other essential parts, such as the element.

Typically, a water heater repair technician will test the system to see if the electric cable is bringing power up to the unit. If the power supply is okay, the technician will then interrogate the electrical components of the heater to assess if the breaker has been tripped or the element has worn out. Depending on the problem identified, the repair technician can then replace the broken part. They also test the heater for other problems and ensure that the system is okay and fully functional.

The Water Is Not Hot Enough

This is one of the problems that are quite common. Clients are always advised to check on their temperature dial setting to ensure that it is okay. If the temperature dial is okay, the client should ensure that he or she has not installed additional appliances that require larger heater tanks such as an extra large bathtub.

If there are no additional installations or water leakages that are visible, it may be time to call a professional to assess the problem. Not having enough hot water in a home might also be a result of an increased supply of icy water that result from freezing weather conditions outside.

Water Heaters Replacement

Too Hot Water

This is a dangerous situation. If the water produced by your heater is too hot, the people using it might sustain injuries. The first step towards resolving this is to ensure that the thermostat dial isn’t too high. If lowering the dial doesn’t solve the problem, the user should switch off the system and call a technician.

The problem could be caused by a faulty temperature-pressure relief valve. It could also be caused by a faulty thermostat system that doesn’t stop the water from heating when it reaches the ideal temperature. Water heater repair may be needed to replace the non-functional components.

Smelly or Discolored Water

If the smelly or the discolored water is not coming from the cold-water intake, it might be an indication that there is a lot of mineral accumulation in the bottom of the tank. If the odor remains even after the tank is drained, the user might need a water heater replacement due to the excessive wear of the tank or the anode rod.

Other common water heater problems include the heater making noises when boiling the water or producing a sound of boiling water. If the person using the water heater experiences any of these problems with his or her heater systems, he or she should get in touch with All Pro Water Heaters by dialing (239) 549-0340 for a quote. Prospective clients can also visit the provider’s website for more details.