Oct 29

We Install Water Heaters From Home Depot

If you purchase or plan on purchasing a water heater from Home Depot, you’ll find the installation to be more expensive than the water heater itself! In addition, you will be hiring a company who doesn’t specialize in water heaters. Sure they’re plumbers, but that doesn’t mean they no all the ins and outs of water heater service and installation. We here at All Pro Water Heaters specialize in water heaters, that’s it, that’s all we do. We provide the highest quality service and installation. We currently have a 160 five star reviews with Home Advisor and Google. Our installation prices for installing a Rheem hot water heater from Home Depot start at $295. We are the only company in SW Florida specializing in water heater service and sales; Everybody else does everything else! All of our installs are according to code and we will pull a permit where ever one is required. We also supply Rheem water heaters, which have some additional benefits. Make sure to give us a call for a free estimate. We can quote on the phone or we can stop by and give you a written estimate.

Jul 17

Water Heater Installation

We have straightened out our share of do it yourself water heater installations. A few of those are fellow plumbers who do not specialize in water heater installation. When we do our installs, we make sure everything is to code. Making sure the water heater is hardwired (eliminating the plug in style, like a dryer cord). A disconnect is necessary if you’re not able to see the electrical panel from where the water heater is located. If you have a double 20amp breaker, you should use a water heater that has 3500 watt elements, if you have a double 30amp, you should use a 4500 watt element water heater.. If there is a backflow preventer, you should have a relief valve that releases at 120lbs or an expansion tank, to absorb the additional pressure created when the water heater is heating. The following pictures show an expansion tank and a relief valve. pressure relief valve

relief valve

If you plan on installing an expansion tank the pressure in the tank should be equal to the line pressure into the house, if this is not calibrated properly, then the expansion tank will not work properly. If installing the relief valve, it should be installed outside where It can drain in case of excessive pressure build up. Both of these items should be installed on the cold water side of the water heater. Water heater pans are required in condos or if you have elevated areas in the garage. So, as you can see there can be more involved in the installation of a water heater then you may have thought. Trust in the professionals! We here at All Pro Water Heaters will make sure your water heater is installed properly. This will in some cases extend the life of the water heater and it will function the way it was designed.

Dec 14

Now Serving Collier County

All Pro Water Heaters has recently expanded into Collier County. Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero has a lot to offer and it’s exciting for us to be a part of it. We maintain 5 star ratings with all of our customers. We specialize in electric hot water heaters. We strive to continue to provide top notch service to all of our customers from Naples to Venice. Thank you everyone for helping All Pro Water Heaters become the largest water heater company in SW Florida!

Sep 26

Serving Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota Counties

Here’s a few more customers we recently added!
This is a customer living in North Port, who decided the AO Smith Hybrid was the way to go. Very efficient water heater!

jim wheater

Jun 22

Another New Port Charlotte Water Heater Customer!

20160615_132026 (1)Connie decided to go with a Bradford White water heater installed up on a stand. We have a Pan to take the water in close to the front of the garage in case of a leak.

May 12

Another new customer!

Our customers in Port Charlotte decided to go with a lifetime warranty stainless steel water heater.20160505_135949

Sep 09

Three New Water Heater Customers!

Yesterday I installed 3 water heaters, one in Matlacha, the other 2 in Port Charlotte and North Port. The one in Matlacha was a warranty job thru Home Depot. His GE water heater only lasted 3 years. That’s why it’s best to get a water heater thru a licensed plumber. We are able to get water heaters of better quality, even though the manufacturer may make both. Water heaters are our specialty. We carry all the supplies necessary to get the job down fast and professional. We also know all the local codes to make sure it is installed properly.09081411140908141743

Aug 29

Another New Cape Coral Water Heater Customer!

Joe of Cape Coral decided to go with a Rheem Water Heater from All Pro Water Heaters. The Rheem Water Heater that you receive from All Pro Water Heaters is of higher quality than Rheem from Home Depot.
joe wh.

Jul 16

Water Heater Expansion Tank

The purpose of having an expansion tank is to provide relief on a plumbing system that is closed. If you have a dual check valve or some sort of back flow prevention device, this gives you a closed system. As water heats, it expands, as it expands, it creates more pressure in your plumbing system. The expansion tank absorbs the increase in water pressure. This reduces extreme stress on your plumbing fixtures. The tank is pre-charged with air and the water expansion presses against the diaphragm as the water heater heats. If you’re on a well system, you may have no back flow preventer. If this is the case, there is no need for the expansion tank. The expansion tank will be installed on the inlet side of the water heater. I would recommend installing a new expansion tank when installing a new water heater. If you notice some rust or a leak on the tank, it is recommended to replace the tank.

expansion tankexpansion tank2

Jul 11

Leaking water heater

If you find your water heater has sprung a leak, the first thing to do is shut the power off to the water heater at the breaker box. It should be labeled, if not you’ll look for either a double 20, 25, or 30 amp breaker. These are the most common sizes. Some water heaters have a switch or are plugged into the wall. If so, just switch it off or unplug it. Next you want to shut the water off leading to the water heater. Check at a hot water faucet to make sure you shut it off all the way. If there is still pressure, then you will have to shut all your water off. There is most likely a shut off valve outside of the house. Shut that off and call your plumber asap! Water heaters here in SW Florida last on average 7 to 10 yrs.

leaking water heater

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