Lifetime Warranty

We offer the Marathon Series electric Water Heaters! These are the advantages:
It’s the most durable water heater made, with a warranty to match
•Tank comes complete with a factory installed vacuum relief valve, ¾” brass tee and ¾” brass nipple for easy, professional installations.
•Replaceable brass drain valve
•All wiring run in conduit for easy control wiring
•Seamless blow molded polybutene tank with no anode rod required for a corrosion free life
•High temperature, commercial-grade diptubes for greater durability
•The filament wound fiberglass outer tank is designed to be more flexible and withstand more pressure than conventional tanks
•Our unique high temperature dip tube is offset from the concave bottom, creating a “whirlpool effect” which helps prevent sediment build-up
marathon water heatermarathon-water-heater